KSA drainage, sewerage and stormwater projects:
  • Riyad Municipality flood management projects.
  • Jeddah Stormwater Drainage Programme (JSDP) Updated Masterplan (2015) and SR600-million rainwater drainage system in Jeddah.
  • Riyadh Metro drainage projects.
  • King Abdulaziz International Airport drainage and stormwater project.
  • Late 2015, Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs Abdullateef Al-Asheikh has approved contracts worth $267m (SR1.059bn) to implement 168 municipal projects in 14 governorates. The projects include stormwater, flood management, and drainage projects. 
  • Riyadh Projects worth a total of $42m (SR158m), including water networks.
  • Jeddah contracts worth $46.5m (SR175m) - Among the key projects in Jeddah are the study on improving the city's performance.
  • Madinah projects of $12m (SR46m) are approved for Madinah include an irrigation lines.
  • Eastern Province projects - cost a total of $30m (SR113m) include rehabilitation of rainwater drainage plants.
  • Asir Province total cost of the projects in reached $30m (SR103m) include projects to prevent floods, rainwater drainage, and maintenance of drainage canals in Mahayil Asir, Tanoumah, Dhahran Al-Janoub, Sarat Obeidah and Al-Farshah.
  • In Al-Qassim, projects worth a total of $34m (SR128m) will be implemented. These include rainwater drainage projects in Al-Mudhnib, Al-Rass, Al-Bikeiriyah, Al-Nabhaniyah and Al-Ammar
  • In Jazan, the contracts are worth a total of $23m (SR87m). These include drainage projects in Jazan and Abi Areesh, maintenance and irrigation of green areas in Samta and Al-Darb.
  • Projects worth a total of $6.9m (SR25m) will be implemented in Hail. These include rainwater drainage systems.
  • In the Northern Borders, projects - Their total cost reached $7m (SR26m) include drainage projects.